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Complete Rig For Sale

Relative Workshop Vector II
Production date: 1/20/94
Jumps: 452
BOC, Collapsible Pilot Chute
Color:  Black, Purple Tape and Piping, Teal and Pink Flaps.
For more info: http://www.relativeworkshop.com

Precision Falcon 215
Production Date 1/31/94
Jumps: 452
Color:  Black, Blue, Blue, Pink, Pink, Pink, Blue, Blue, Black
For more info: http://precision.aerodynamics.com/top/falcon.htm

Precision Raven I  (181)
Production Date 1/31/94
Jumps: 0
Color:  White w/Blue Ribs
For more info: http://precision.aerodynamics.com/top/raven.htm
Cypress Expert Model AAD
Production Date:  12/31/1993   (8-year service completed 12/01)
For more info:  http://www.pia.com/SSK/cypres/
Click on picture for larger image of rig. Click on picture for larger image of main canopy

Asking:  $2,200

Original Owner - Everything Purchased New

Contact Eddie:   eddie@pavlu.net

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