PML Party - Directions

Pine Mountain Lake Party at Eddie and Lisa's House

Please RSVP so we know how much food to buy, and we can arrange for your guest pass.

From the Bay Area:  (Approx 135 miles - average driving time without traffic is 2.5 hours)

Take Highway 680 North to Highway 580 East out of Pleasanton.  Take Highway 580 up and over the Altamount Pass.  Continue on Highway 205 towards Tracy & Stockton (stay straight).  Highway 205 will dump onto Highway 5 North, just after Tracy.  Stay in the right lane and get off at the Highway 120 exit (this will be your second exit).  Take Highway 120 all the way to Groveland....!

Highway 120 will join Highway 99 North, for a very short distance near Manteca. Stay in the right lane, and exit immediately at the first exit.  Just follow the signs for Highway 120, Yosemite, and Sonora.  Highway 120 will wind through Manteca, Escalon, and Oakdale.   In Oakdale, Highway 120 makes a distinct left turn at the main signal light in town.  Just keep following the signs for Highway 120, Yosemite and Sonora.  About 25 miles out of Oakdale, Highway 120 makes another distinct turn to the right, at a place called "Yosemite Junction".  Continue following the signs for Highway 120 towards Yosemite.   (If you go straight, you'll end up in Sonora, instead.)

Just pass Lake Don Pedro, you'll approach a turn off for "Old Priest's Grade" to the right.  This is a shortcut up the hill.  Take it if you don't mind steep, narrow roads.  It rejoins Highway 120 at the top.  Otherwise, continue on Highway 120 all the way up the hill.

At the top of the hill, you'll drive through Big Oak Flat, and then into "downtown" Groveland.  You can't miss it.   Just past the Fire Station on the left, you will see signs for Pine Mountain Lake - Ferretti Road.   Turn Left on Ferretti Road.  The Pine Mountain Lake entrance will be on your right.  Approach the gate house and give them your name, tell them you're visiting the Pavlu's in Unit 5, Lot 33.  They will give you a pre-approved guest pass.

Clich here for detailed maps from the bay area to Pine Mountain Lake.

IMPORTANT:  We need to know that you are coming, to arrange for the guest pass.  So, please RSVP.  Thanks.

Once inside the gate, take the first left on Tannahill Drive.  Salvador Court will be the first left off of Tannahill.  Drive down and park in the cul-de-sac, at the end.  Our house is on the right, at 19272 Salvador Court.

19272 Salvador Court
Groveland, California 95321
(Pine Mountain Lake)

If you have any problems, please feel free to call us at the house at (209) 962-1930.

Print this page and take it with you!

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Send email to RSVP or if you have any questions: lpavlu@cisco.com